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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is based on the study of anatomy and physiology which is applied to treating a range of injuries and conditions. Aching muscles and joints are massaged to relieve pain and tension and to increase movement. Remedial massage helps to speed up the healing process.

Remedial massage can help many conditions, it can alleviate pain and aid the healing of sprains, strains, fractures and injuries such as whiplash. It can help chronic conditions such as arthritis, postural problems, back pain and repetitive strain injuries. Remedial massage offers relief from stress and anxiety and can help soothe digestive disorders and headaches.

I qualified with a Diploma in Remedial Massage from the Northern Institute of Massage in 2013. I am a member of NAMMT and I am registered with CNHC.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialised massage technique which stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid in order to reduce swelling (lymphoedema.) The treatment is very gentle, it works on the superficial lymphatic vessels and directs the fluid to working lymph nodes. Breathing techniques and exercises are practised to stimulate the lymphatic system. A maintenance routine of self-care known as simple lymphatic drainage (SLD) is given during the appointment and this helps to keep the swelling down and manage the lymphoedema.

I am trained in the Casley-Smith method and am registered with MLD UK.

12th April '21 Return to Work

I am looking forward to getting back to work again after the third lockdown from Monday 12th April.

Jennifer Thursfield

07889 546608


Based in Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK

CNHC accreditation